A downloadable game for Windows

Game Description

Kappa Klicker is a fast-paced clicker game, where your objective is to click the emoticons and earn the highest score. The original edition (found here) was a click-spam type game, but this turned out to be painful (both figuratively and literally). As such, v2 is designed with strategy in mind. Rather than mindless click spamming, you aim for and click only the emoticons. Missing will break your multiplier, and missing too many times will end the game early (death).

Game Features

Like the original web edition, future builds of Kappa Klicker v2 will have a full-fledged leaderboard. You will be able to challenge your friends to beat each other's high scores. There are also various "editions", which offer a different sound, emote, and voice set, and in some cases, a different level of difficulty.

Game Status

This game is currently in the early stages of development, so feedback is critical. Constructive feedback is always accepted and considered. These are early-access builds and may not represent the final product. This game will remain free of charge, even after the development stage.

Install instructions

The game is distributed as a compressed zip file with a single executable file. This is a standalone executable, and not an installer. Simply run the included "KappaKlicker.exe" and the game should launch.


v0.16 alpha 12 MB
v0.15 alpha 10 MB